Edith piaf - hymne à l'amour

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Often known as “Edith Piaf’s Last Lament” this salute to all of Edith’s mistakes and misfortunes defines her positive attitude on life. Determined never to perform again in one of her last years, Charles Dumont convinced Edith Piaf to perform one last time through writing this passionate summary of her life. 2 years later Edith Piaf would pass away having “nothing to regret.”

The stuff of Brassens is witty, deep and humble, it is, however, not easy to translate, which is why, for non-French speakers it’s difficult to get a good translation of his work. How does one translate subtext, emotion, dark humor anyway? And you can forget about ‘Google’ translate.

In 1929, at age 14, she joined her father in his acrobatic street performances all over France, where she first sang in public. [15] At the age of 15, Piaf met Simone "Mômone" Berteaut  ( fr ) , who may have been her half-sister, and who became a companion for most of her life. Together they toured the streets singing and earning money for themselves. With the additional money Piaf earned as part of an acrobatic trio, she and Mômone were able to rent their own place. [1] Piaf later separated from her father and took a room at Grand Hôtel de Clermont (18 rue Véron  ( fr ) , 18th arrondissement of Paris ), working with Mômone as a street singer in Pigalle , Ménilmontant , and the Paris suburbs (cf. the song "Elle fréquentait la rue Pigalle").

Although she was denied a solemn funeral mass, her funeral procession from her residence, Boulevard Lannes (Paris, XVI arr.) drew tens of thousands of mourners onto the streets of Paris, that caused a huge traffic jam. The ceremony at the cemetery ‚ Le Père-Lachaise (Paris, XX arr.), was attended by more than 100,000 fans.

During 2000, she performed at jazz clubs across Paris. Her acting in Les Morsures de l’aube  (fr) has been outstanding.

Edith Piaf - Hymne à L'amourEdith Piaf - Hymne à L'amourEdith Piaf - Hymne à L'amourEdith Piaf - Hymne à L'amour